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ROI4CIO is a content platform for corporate users of IT products (software, hardware and services) and a sales tool for suppliers. The web resource contains detailed characteristics, implementation data, product reviews and comparisons, calculates ROI and helps to find potential buyers and new partners.

ROI4CIO empowers sellers to save time and increase sales by automating routine tasks

ROI4CIO provides buyers, business professionals and analysts with all the information they need to select the best solution in the IT market.



Automate the process of buying and selling IT, optimize interaction and minimize resource costs of IT market participants.

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  • Less time needed to select an effective IT product
  • Product comparisons by characteristics
  • Calculate ROI, NPV, IRR, PP
  • Quick supplier search
  • Vendor bonus possibilities for product review
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  • Lead generation and sales growth
  • Saving time on routine tasks
  • Quick new seller training
  • Search for new partners
  • Success stories and reviews

About Us

ROI4CIO was started with the founder Paul's question: “How can you know the benefits of information technology products before deployment?” Starting with a constantly updated catalog of IT products, deployments, suppliers and vendors, ROI4CIO has become a B2B IT-sales automator.

Price calculators have become a discovery, because the IT market did not previously have tools for automatic generation of configurations and price calculations. We began to create ROI calculators and made it possible to leave and read feedback on the deployments from the companies where the integration was done. We started the Blog, where we constantly publish reviews and comparisons of software. The Bonus 4 Reference program was initialed, which solves the vendor's task of getting user reviews, and users can get a bonus for feedback. In 2021, the mobile application Roi4Presenter for remote presentation of presentations was released, which saves time for both IT sellers and buyers.

ROI4CIO is now a unique online platform for both users, analysts and IT professionals, as well as vendors, distributors and suppliers of software, hardware and services. This is the only resource containing information about all participants in the IT market and the results of their work, and is not limited geographically. It is constantly updated and supplemented with new projects and services makes to automate the process of buying and selling IT.

Meet Our Team

The ROI4CIO team is 16 people: project managers, programmers, testers, designers, science math analyst. Our team members’ experience in IT projects ranges from 5 to 25 years.

Павел Жданович фото

Paul Zhdanovych

Visionary & Founder

Anna Sannikova photo

Anna Sannikova

Head of Marketing

Виталий Кинаш фото

Vitalii Kinash

Content Manager

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Svetlana Bulega

Marketing Manager

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