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General provisions

This agreement is concluded between ROIFORCIO GmbH, a company that provides access to the services of the resource www.roi4cio.com (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), and a private person - a reader visiting the website pages, or a user using at least one of the services provided by the website (hereinafter referred to as "website visitors").

This agreement regulates the use of resources, services, functionalities of the website, provided by ROIFORCIO GmbH for communicating, exchanging data, information hosting, creating price calculators, creating ROI calculators, creating comparison tables, data collection frameworks, using and disclosing information about private or a legal entities that can be recognized as or is by definition confidential.


1. Website visitors

1.1.A website visitor is any natural or legal person who has visited at least one page of the website.

1.2.Visitors who viewed one or several pages of the website without preliminary registration and authorization on the website, forum, are website readers.

1.3.Visitors registered and authorized through unique personal data become users of the site (hereinafter referred to as "website users").

1.3.1. Website users can be individuals or legal persons interested in acquiring (hereinafter referred to as "IT Buyers") or selling (hereinafter referred to as "IT Sellers") products presented on the website.

1.4.Website users have access to advanced features provided on the website.


2. Use of website resources

2.1.Only registered users - website users can use the interactive website resources, write reviews on the website resources, publish their own materials and communicate online.

2.2.Website users have the right to:

leave feedback on content, if allowed by the comment management system;

publish their own content on their profile (account);

post messages on forums, send messages to website users, send requests for partnership, requests for price offers;

Use the resources of the website in another way that does not conflict with the basis of its activities.

2.3.Copyright to the website content, resources, services, unless otherwise specified, is the property of ROIFORCIO GmbH.

2.4.Copying of website content without the written consent of ROIFORCIO GmbH is prohibited. 

2.5. Partial quoting of materials from the website on a regular basis is allowed with obligatory reference to the website page which is the source of the quote (for news, short paragraphs — not more than 15% of the whole submission, for reviews, testing - not more than 5% of the whole submission), the full name of the website and ROIFORCIO GmbH.

2.6.All names, names, trademarks, symbols and slogans registered in the established manner are the property of their rightful owners. Website submissions do not include icons (r) and / or (tm) to represent them.


3. Rebate 4 Reference Programme

3.1. IT Buyers and Sellers can take part in the website's Rebate 4 Reference Programme (hereinafter - the "Programme"), which provides for publication of reviews on the implementation of products presented on the website by IT Buyers, in exchange for offering IT Sellers discounts on their purchase (hereinafter -  "Discount").

3.1.1. The Program allows IT Sellers to provide discounts in exchange for publication of Proof-of-Concept (POC) IT reviews by Buyers.

3.2. Discounts are provided by IT Sellers  in the form of a fixed percentage of the value of the IT product purchased by the Buyer that is subject to refund following the publication of reviews on the implementation of the respective product on the website.

3.2.1. In exchange for publication of the Proof-of-Concept (POC) review, the IT Seller shall provide to the IT Buyer 50% of the Discount indicated on the website for the corresponding product for a repeat purchase.

3.3. By indicating on the website the size of the Discount for the purchase of a given product, including in exchange for publication of a Proof-of-Concept (POC) review, the IT Seller assumes a commitment to pay the Discount to all IT Buyers which publish on the website reviews on the implementation of the respective product, including a Proof-of-Concept (POC) review, and may not cancel it.

3.4.IT Buyers publish reviews on the implementation of a product by filling out the "Add implementation" from on the website.

3.4.1. Proof-of-Concept (POC) reviews are published by IT Buyers by filling out the "Add Implementation" form on the website, indicating the status of the "POC" implementation.

3.5.Published reviews of product implementations and Proof-of-Concept (POC) reviews are available to all website visitors. 

3.5.1. IT Sellers have the right to use product implementation reviews on their website, in their advertising materials, etc.

3.6. By accepting the terms of this agreement, the Company, IT Sellers and Buyers affirm zero tolerance of corruption and all its manifestations, which includes unconditional and full acceptance of the following terms:

3.6.1. The Discount is a lawful contractual remuneration provided by the IT Seller to the IT Buyer IT in exchange for publication on the basis of mutual interest of reviews on the implementation of products presented on the website, which can be subsequently used by the IT Seller for testing, modification, improvement and promotion of such products;

3.6.2. the decision on whether to grant and/or not to grant a Discount cannot be based on the evaluation (positive or negative) or the content of the IT Buyer's review;

3.6.3. The IT Buyer is free in its will to publish or not to publish a review on the implementation of products presented on the website and cannot by any means, directly or indirectly, be induced to do so;

3.6.4. the imposition of any restrictions or directions for the evaluation (positive or negative) or content of IT Buyers' reviews on the implementation of products presented on the website is prohibited, except in cases where such a review contains information that is untrue, is detrimental to the honour and dignity, or violates other rights and legitimate interests of natural and legal persons or the provisions of the applicable law;

3.6.5. The Company, IT Sellers and Buyers recognize as binding the provisions of the applicable law and international legal norms on the prevention of corruption and undertake to refrain from any action aimed at their violation.


4. Restrictions on publishing information

4.1.When publishing information on the website, website users are required to adhere to the established restrictions.

4.2.Ignorance of the restrictions on publishing information and use of the website resources, as well as ignorance of these rules, shall not release website visitors from fulfilment thereof.

4.3.On this website it is forbidden to:

publish instigation for dismantlement or overthrow of the constitutional order, seizure of state power;

publish instigation to move the state border of Austria;

publish instigation for riot, destruction of property, seizure of buildings or structures;

publish instigation for aggression or the outbreak of a military conflict;

upload materials containing offensive language, signs of discrimination based on national, ethnic, racial or religious affiliation;

publish obscene statements, publications of a pornographic, sexual nature;

offensive behavior towards other website visitors, the website administrators, publication of defamatory reports;

publication of messages aimed at provoking a sharp reaction by other participants in the website resources;

placement of unauthorized advertisements, commercial messages;

unauthorized placement by website users of materials, whose copyrights belong to third parties;

encouragement of computer piracy in any form, publication of links to files and/or sites that directly violate or contribute to the violation of the copyright of third parties (torrents, trackers);

other actions and publication of any communications prohibited by Austrian law.

4.4.The website does not welcome the publication of messages that have no informational value and that are not related to the subject matter of the resource.


5. Liability for publication of materials

5.1.Within the website, website users are provided with a communication platform (blogs, forums, a system for commenting on editorial content, etc.). Any website user can express their opinion on the subject matter of the website.

5.2. Liability for the accuracy of the information posted in public areas of the website (user pages, price and ROI calculators, product pages, solutions, integrations, blogs, forums, comments on editorial content) rests solely with the author.

5.2.1. ROIFORCIO GmbH is not liable for publication by the website administrators of materials or information that are untrue, detrimental to the honour and dignity or violate other rights and legitimate interests of natural and legal persons, if they are word for word reproductions of materials or information published in open sources, including on the Internet, with links to them. 

5.3.Public sections of the website undergo post-moderation - verification by the moderator (authorized representative of the website Administration) subsequent to the posting of messages.

5.4.If there is any doubt as to the reliability of the information being posted, suspected violation of the restrictions established by this agreement, such information may be blocked with a message sent to the author electronically for clarification of the details of the publication.

5.5.A website visitor who considers that information published on the website directly violates the interests of certain parties and the website user who posted the information may contact the website administration to resolve the disputes arising as a result of publishing the information on the website. Such website visitors and users are required, through independent communication via the website, to try to resolve in advance any disputes that have arisen in their view, by taking reasonable steps thereof.

5.6.If the website user violates the terms of this provision, the moderator may delete the published information, block the account, deny the user access to the website or block access to some of the site's functionalities for the respective IP address.

5.7.A well-substantiated challenge to the moderator's actions is possible by communicating with the website Administration.


6. Privacy agreement

6.1.The information referred to in this agreement may be personalized (directly attributable to or associated with a specific person) or non-personalized (data related to website visitors obtained without reference to a specific person).

6.2.The Company has access to information obtained as follows:

through e-mail communication of the website Administration with website visitors;

information provided by website visitors during registration in the forum, the website, as part of events held by ROIFORCIO GmbH, surveys, applications, feedback forms, by making entries in the online registration forms;

technical information - data about the visitor's Internet provider, the visitor's IP address, characteristics of the PC and software used, data about files downloaded and uploaded to the website, etc .;

statistical data on the preferences of an individual website visitor (the subject matter of pages viewed).

6.3.As confidential within the meaning of this agreement is recognized only information stored in the website's database in an encrypted form and available for viewing exclusively by the website's administrators. Information relating to a person voluntarily placed by them in the common sections of the website upon completion of registration forms and available to any other website user, or information that can be freely obtained from other public sources, is not confidential.

6.4.ROIFORCIO GmbH uses modern technologies to protect the privacy of personal data, data obtained from registration forms provided by website visitors, to ensure maximum information security.

6.5.Access to the website user's personal information is effected via the system of authorization using login and password. The website user undertakes to independently ensure the safety of the authorization data and not to disclose them to third parties under any circumstances. Any changes to personal information made by means of authorization data will be deemed to have been made by the website user personally.

6.6. ROIFORCIO GmbH has the right to use the information obtained as a result of website visitors' visits to its websites and/or completion of registration forms for internal purposes without obtaining the consent of the natural or legal persons — visitors of the websites of ROIFORCIO GmbH without payment of any remuneration for such use.

6.7.ROIFORCIO GmbH may use the personal data of website users to send out messages of technical and administrative nature, news information.

6.8.Information may be disclosed to a limited number of persons exclusively in the cases provided for by Austrian law.


7. Mailing subscriptions

7.1.By accepting the terms of this agreement, each website user expresses his/her consent to receive electronic communications of the website to the email address indicated when registering on the website.


8. Final Provisions

8.1.By filling out the registration form on any of the websites of ROIFORCIO GmbH or visiting the pages of the ROIFORCIO GmbH websites, the website user automatically accepts the terms of this agreement.

8.2.The activities of ROIFORCIO GmbH are carried out in accordance with Austrian law. Any claims, disputes, official appeals will be considered solely in accordance with the provisions of Austrian law.

8.3.The terms of this Agreement may be changed unilaterally by ROIFORCIO GmbH and will take effect within seven calendar days from the date of their publication on the website of ROIFORCIO GmbH.