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APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling

APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS, also known as advanced manufacturing) refers to a manufacturing management process by which raw materials and production capacity are optimally allocated to meet demand.

Advanced planning and scheduling system is especially well-suited to environments where simpler planning methods cannot adequately address complex trade-offs between competing priorities. Production scheduling is intrinsically very difficult due to the (approximately) factorial dependence of the size of the solution space on the number of items/products to be manufactured.

Advanced planning and scheduling software is offered as an extension of your ERP and when the two systems operate together, production is enhanced dramatically. Advanced planning system has been utilized by large production facilities since they were available. Large operations have always been in need of APS software, which has allowed for the misconception that small manufacturing operations do not necessarily need it.

Not only does advanced scheduling software consider material, but it has the ability to perform bill of material explosions which net on hand inventory and net projected inventory receipts through purchase orders and manufacturing orders. Once inventory is netted, advanced production planning and scheduling software creates purchase orders and manufacturing orders to satisfy demand based on safety stock levels and lot sizing logic. When scheduling, advanced planning software dynamically allocates inventory and projected inventory receipts to production orders. If material is made constraining, the software then delays production based on the available of inventory generated by allocated orders.

Implementation of an advanced scheduling system can allow your operation to be able to adequately compete against much larger size manufacturing operations through schedule optimization, market analysis, order anticipation, and many more capabilities. This is how you can separate yourself from other small manufacturing competitors and optimize your production facility quickly and efficiently.

APS Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software’s enhanced functionality helps you:

  • extend the planning and scheduling horizon for as long as there is demand to drive it. Since demand includes sales orders and forecasts, the only practical limits are forecast accuracy and computer processing speeds.
  • quickly make accurate deliver commitments to customers. Called Capable-to-Promise (CTP), this feature often replaces the inaccurate, infinite scheduling based Available-to-Promise (ATP) features in ERP systems.
  • dynamically allocate and re-allocate inventory to upper level demand.
  • perform multi-plant planning and scheduling which answers questions such as “in which plant should this production be sited?”
  • plan throughout the supply chain.



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F.A.Q. about APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Why use APS Advanced Planning System?

For planners, APS systems quickly analyse the implications of alternative decisions, highlight consequences and problems, and generate optimal or near-optimal plans and schedules.

APS systems provide better information (and recommendations) on which planners and managers can base their decisions. They are tools and techniques to help manage complexity. Fast-moving environments with large numbers of items, orders, machines and people are difficult to plan effectively, as are environments with complex constraints. In such industries (High tech, CPG, Third party logistics, and capacity constrained industries such as Process manufacturing) APS provides significant assistance.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Benefits and Capabilities

With various capabilities such as multi-plant operation integration, Superplant, real-time operational visibility and overall throughput enhancement, APS is becoming a top choice for manufacturing operations and supply chains around the globe. These attributes are allowing production facilities to be able to efficiently optimize production and enhance their operation thoroughly. Various other benefits of advanced planning & scheduling software include:

  • Improved delivery performance
  • Boosts in Profit
  • Reduction in inventory and cost
  • Six-month ROI

Implementation of an advanced planning and scheduling system (APS) will take you and your manufacturing operation toward the next step of production efficiency and allow you to separate yourself from the competition and to widely increase capacity.