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Video Design

A videoclip making is one of the most effective means of advertising. Video production (the creation of such advertising messages) is a very complex creative process that requires the work of many specialists. Well-designed video advertising sets the company apart from the competition, emphasizes the advantages of a particular product and leads to successful business development.

Creating videos is a wise and right decision to make yourself known and about your business. Today, technology is developing rapidly, therefore, to be always in demand, you need to keep up with innovations. Creating videos from videos requires certain skills and efforts.

There are several types of videos:

Presentation. These are videos that talk about a product, service, company, etc. Their main goal is to demonstrate the main advantages.

Image. Such videos differ from presentation videos in that they do not sell or present anything, but only create the right image. Their main task is to evoke certain emotions associated with a product, person or company.

Educational. The purpose of the video is to convey new information to the viewer or talk about certain rules. The peculiarity of training videos is that they should be as simple and clear as possible.

Viral. Such unattractive title these videos received for the speed of distribution. By their content, viral videos attract attention and arouse the desire of viewers to distribute them further. However, the main purpose of such videos is to draw attention to information that is not directly related to the video itself and may be contained at the end of the video or in the description.

Social. Such videos are created in order to highlight a particular social phenomenon and draw the attention of a large number of people to it. Social videos are usually designed to evoke strong emotions, often negative ones.

Video Art. This category of videos does not have a specific purpose. Video art is pure art, so there are no rules and restrictions.

Typically, promotional videos last about 30 seconds. During this time, it is necessary to attract the attention of viewers, interest them and encourage them to make a purchase. Therefore, this type of product promotion should be:

  • unusual and interesting;
  • bright and memorable;
  • efficient and selling.

Steps for creating a video:

Pre-production - determination of goals, audience, product features, campaign budget and task completion period. At this stage, important work such as:

  • video concept development;
  • script creation;
  • storyboard story;
  • casting;
  • choice of location;
  • selection of costumes, props;
  • selection of equipment for shooting;
  • approval of the director and cameraman.

Production - direct shooting advertising.

Post-production - processing the footage (editing, dubbing, mixing audio from video, adding special effects, etc.).

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F.A.Q. about Video Design

What are the commercials for ads?

  • Video screensaver - a short plot based on 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Advertising plot - serves to promptly inform the audience (for example, talks about the opening of a new cafe).
  • A simple video clip is created using computer graphics (both two-dimensional and three-dimensional).
  • Production video - advertising involving actors.
  • Cartoon video - equally well accepted by both children and adults.
  • Animation movie - can be made in the form of 3D or Flash-animation.

What are the benefits of commercials?

  • An advertising video has the main advantage - it is an appeal directly to the audience. Today, most people pay attention only to audiovisual information, so the creation of promotional videos makes you better in the eyes of the consumer against the background of competitors;
  • The second advantage is brevity. Media-dependent people perceive visual information so quickly that it’s impossible to interest them in a long video. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in five to ten minutes;
  • The third advantage is the availability of video and audio accompaniment. In today's world, regular text advertisements are ineffective;
  • Accessibility - everyone has access to the Internet today, so it will be easy to find your video clip;
  • Developing a video requires a special creative approach.

What makes up the cost of the video?

Different videos vary significantly in price, however, the creation of any of them requires financial investments.

You can approximately calculate the cost of a video based on the following indicators:

  • the depth of study of the target audience and competitors;
  • number of shooting days;
  • the location of the shooting and the complexity of the scenery;
  • the presence of graphics, animation and special effects;
  • fees of all persons involved in the development and shooting of the video.